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Let's Mexam Music, Inc.: Story

Beto Hale


Let's Mexam Music, Inc.'s founder Beto Hale was born in Mexico City. From an early age, he developed a liking for all styles of music, ranging from Leonard Bernstein and Mexican love songs to the Beatles and Genesis. At age eight, his mom bought him his first drum set; a "toy" that became Beto's obsession.

When he was ten, Beto studied classical guitar for one year, quitting the lessons and opting for the self-taught approach for the next few years. His first band - with players no older than 11 - performed at the U.S. Embassy and at other interesting settings. One Christmas, Beto's dad bought him a real drum set. This instrument is still Beto's favorite.

While in high school, Beto quickly became well known for being an outgoing and fearless performer, organizing music festivals and repeatedly challenging the school board's strict rules. As a teenager he wrote one of his first songs, "Mujer de Plata," a tale of the love affair between a young man and the moon. By then, Beto had added the piano to his musical arsenal. This became very handy when, a few months after high-school graduation, he was offered the position of second keyboardist with the million-selling, chart-topping teen-pop band Timbiriche. Beto toured all of Mexico with the band, learning the ropes of the rock 'n roll lifestyle.

After the stint, Beto enrolled in the prestigious CIEM music school. After studying there with some of the best teachers in the country, Beto decided to pursue a lifelong dream: attending Berklee College of Music in Boston. He was not only accepted, but was offered a scholarship for his drum-playing abilities.

At Berklee, Beto decided to major in performance and songwriting. He won various editions of Berklee's singer-songwriter competitions. During his last semester, Beto was asked to contribute songwriting articles to Músico Pro —a newly published international magazine for Spanish-speaking musicians.

After graduating with honors, Beto moved to Manhattan where he joined pop/punk act The Cogs, recording the albums Viva! And Open Kimono. The CDs have received critical acclaim in the indie press, both stateside and in the UK. A couple of years later, Beto left his beloved apartment in Inwood, at the northern tip of Manhattan, and accepted an offer to work as Músico Pro's Assistant Editor in Boulder. After only a few months, Beto was promoted to Editor-in-Chief of the magazine, which reaches more than 50,000 Spanish-speaking musicians worldwide.

The performing bug had not left Beto whilst he was entrenched in his editorial capacity and for his first album, Sube, Beto recruited some of the the best local, national and international talent available - including Peter Gabriel's bass player, Tony Levin. The CD received solid press from Hispanic and Anglo press, both in Mexico and in the United States.

For American Mythology, his new release, Beto Hale relied on the outstanding players he has worked with in the last few years, including bassist David García (one of Mexico's best), guitarists Marcelo Berestovoy (currently with Paulina Rubio) and Ed Edwards (a mainstay of the Colorado scene), and Keyboardist CheChe Alara (Christina Aguilera, Alejandro Sanz).

The songs in the new set span the gamut from introspective ballads ("If I", "Forever"), to high-energy rockers ("En Tus Labios", "Answers"), and also include political themed anthems such as "Save Us" and "Un Día Más." Hale was responsible not only for the composition and lyrics; he arranged and produced all 19 tracks and played drums, piano, guitar and percussion, in addition to handling lead vocals.

See video for Forever:

The All Music Guide calls the CD "a masterpiece".

In March 2007, Beto Hale opened a new chapter in his career, moving to Los Angeles, epicenter of the music industry. Since his arrival, Beto has collaborated with some of the industry's top songwriters, including Alejandro Lerner, Ximena Muñoz and Dany Tomas. These collaborations led to a publishing contract with Pacific Latin Copyright.

In November of 2009, he composed all the songs and incidental music for the debut production of the environmental play “Pachamanca/Mother Earth”, by Luis Ávalos, one of the most recognized TV and film actors in Hollywood.

Beto Hale has artist/endorsement agreements with, Ableton Live, Latin Percussion, Vic Firth, Jimmy Wess Strings, Ultimate Support Systems, Godin Guitars and Martin Guitars

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